Family Art Camp


Summer Camps 2012

The DuPage County Historical Museum offers a variety of summer camp programs for your children to enjoy during break.

Museum Detectives
Help us uncover some of the great mysteries at the Museum! Look for "secret" clues hidden in the artifacts and help decipher riddles that will lead you on this history adventure. From scavenger hunts, to field trips, we'll explore the museum and other historical sites to solve our mystery. What secrets does the past hold? Help us find out during this week of discovery and adventure!

Dates: June 18–22 | Time: 9am to 3pm | Ages: 8 to 11 | Cost: $240.00 | Registration Code #317336

History Explorers
Join us for a week of discovery and exploration. We'll begin with an archaeology dig, travel to area museums and learn about the history of DuPage County. From the Native Americans, through the Civil War and all the way up to the present day, discover the people and places that shaped our towns.

Dates: June 23–27 | Time: 9am to 3pm | Ages: 6 to 9 | Cost: $240.00 | Registration Code #317337

You're the Curator
Together we'll design and research an exhibit topic, select pieces from the collection and create a display. Get a behind the scenes view on how a museum works. From artifacts, to archives, maps and more, you'll have a chance to design a special exhibit for the museum's visitors.

Dates: August 6–10 | Time: 9am to 3pm | Ages: 10 to 12 | Cost: $240.00 | Registration Code #317338

Model Train