Donate Artifacts

Dedicated to educating the public about the history of DuPage County

To pursue this goal, the Museum acquires, preserves, interprets, and exhibits permanent collections that represent the social, cultural, economic, and natural history of DuPage County.

These permanent collections include three-dimensional, archival, book, and photographic materials that illustrate this history. The Museum also maintains an education collection and a collection of source materials to provide the local history services to County residents, historical organizations, scholars, and other members of the general public interested in the history of DuPage County.

Although the Museum is interested in DuPage County history universally, its policy is to limit the scope of its permanent collections to several key areas:

  • Collections and interpretations shall focus on materials that pre-date the County’s formation through the present day.
  • The Museum’s collections shall be a representation of the entire County. Materials from all communities, both past and present, shall be collected. However, no community or subject will be collected exhaustively. The Museum will not collect materials for the purpose of archiving records from any person, organization, municipality, or governmental agency.
  • All materials must be suitable for public display, research, and/or loan, and must fulfill the Museum’s educational objectives as defined by its Statement of Purpose.
  • The Museum collects, catalogs, exhibits, and borrows only those materials that it is able to care for, store, and exhibit in a manner consistent with its educational purpose and with generally accepted museum practices.

Interested in donating to the collection?

Please email dupagemuseum@wheatonparks.org or call 630.510.4941 to make arrangements.