School & Scout Programs

An unforgettable learning experience for your group.

A trip to the DuPage County Historical Museum offers a unique perspective on local history. Tour the exhibits and participate in a variety of educational, fun, and interactive programs in a historical setting. Museum programs covering a variety of topics are available year-round for ages 4 and up. Choose from one of the programs listed below or have us customize a program for you.

Museum staff works with a wide variety of ages and they are happy to customize any tours or programs to fit your needs. Our staff has all been trained by a local organization to be certified autism friendly and is experienced working with groups with special needs. We look forward to being part of a memorable learning experience for your students.

Programs vary in length ranging from 30 to 90 minutes for a minimum of 5 participants and a maximum of 25. For school field trips larger than 25, please contact the Museum Manager and Educator for details. A minimum two-week advance notice is required for scheduling a program.

Virtual Tours, Field Trips and Programs are now being offered. School and scout programs may be able to be outside, depending on weather and program chosen.

Program Details

School Programs

In-person school programs bring history to life for your students with visual and hands-on artifacts. Program topics are below or contact us to customize your own field trip.

Virtual Field Trips

Plan a highly customized field trip on a theme that fits your curriculum. Museum professionals virtually present an interesting and interactive program using Zoom, PowerPoint, as well as interactive elements of artifacts or close up exhibit tours. Optional add on for a craft element may be possible with common household supplies or supplies picked up from Museum. All the programs listed below in more detail are available virtually or you can choose from the theme list below.  

  • Death in DuPage (Victorian mourning rituals)
  • General History of DuPage
  • History of Wheaton
  • Wheaton’s Churches
  • What it is like to work in a Museum
  • DuPage Agriculture/Farming in DuPage
  • History of the American Flag
  • WWI history
  • Underground Railroad in DuPage
  • Women’s History in Politics since Suffrage
  • DuPage One Room School Houses
  • Wheaton Architecture
  • History of Railroads in Wheaton
  • Life in the Early 1900s
  • Influential People of DuPage

Great Depression

How did the Great Depression affect DuPage County? Did FDR’s New Deal help change residents’ lives and the county’s physical landscape? $6/Student

Civil War

What do photographs tell students about the Civil War? Students learn how to analyze images and read letters from soldiers and their loved ones. $6/Student

Living History

Complete a folk art project or learn about chores from the 1800s. Choose from a variety of themes including tin punching, quill pen/calligraphy, making a slate, sewing, and seed planting. Students also complete a scavenger hunt through the Museum and learn about the exhibits on display. $8/Student

Timeless Toys

Discover what games children played more than 100 years ago. Try out toys and learn about the history surrounding them. $6/Student

Museum Detectives

Tour the Museum and learn how museums work. Discover how to be a curator by using detective skills to examine real artifacts. $6/Student

Girl Scout Programs

Girl Scout Badges Through the Years – All Ages

See what badges girls earned in 1912, 1920s, 1950s, and 1970s. Complete activities and crafts for the different eras and see how Girl Scouting has changed over the years. $8/Scout

Daisy and the Girl Scouts – Daisy Program

Learn about Juliette “Daisy” Low and the history of the Girl Scouts. Enjoy games and songs that the first Scouts played. Create a special art project as a troop. (Vi, Violet Petal) $6/Scout

Daisy Tea Party – Daisy Program

Learn how to be “responsible for what you say and do” by learning hostess etiquette and creating a thank you letter for someone important in your life. Enjoy a tea party while learning proper manners. (Mari, Vi, Sunny Petal) $8/Scout

Be a History Detective – Brownie Program

Tour the Museum and learn about other local landmarks. Using photographs and maps, discover how DuPage has changed. Be a detective with real artifacts. $6/Scout

Girl Scout Celebration – Brownie Program

Come learn the story of Juliette “Daisy” Low and the Girl Scouts. What badges did they earn? What kinds of activities did their troops enjoy? $6/Scout.

Making Friends – Brownie Program

Explore friendships of the past and present. Learn how to be a good friend to all and celebrate each other’s differences. (Making Friends Journey Badge) $6/Scout

Making Games – Brownie Program

Come help us create new and exciting ways to have fun. Together invent new games and change the rules for old ones. (Making Games Journey Badge) $6/Scout

Girl Scout Traditions – Junior Program

Celebrate the legacy of the Girl Scouts. Learn about the founder of the Girls Scouts, Juliette “Daisy” Low, and what inspired her to create this organization. View uniforms from the past and create letters to future Girl Scouts. (Girl Scout Way Badge) $6/Scout

Social Butterfly Tea Party – Junior Program

Enjoy a tea party while learning how to be a great hostess and a gracious guest. Write a thank you note, hold a polite conversation, and practice the etiquette from the early 1900s. (Social Butterfly Journey Badge) $8/Scout

Exploring Life in Early DuPage County – Junior Program

Become a character from the late 1800s. Explore different chores, games, and hobbies of the first settlers of DuPage County. (Playing the Past Journey Badge) $6/Scout

Boy Scout Programs

Hobbies and Collections – Cub Scouts

Learn about different types of collections and explore the collections within the Museum. Make an autograph book and share your collections or hobbies with your den. (Wolf Elective Adventure) $8/Scout

Family Stories – Cub Scouts

Discover the importance of heritage and genealogy. Learn how to make a family crest and tree while exploring ways to research your own family. (Tiger Elective Adventure) $6/Scout

Marble Madness – Cub Scouts

Come discover the wonder of marbles and learn about their vast history. Explore different types of marbles and the games that have been enjoyed for centuries.  (Bear Elective Adventure) $6/Scout

Let the Museum Visit You

Can’t come to the Museum? Let us come to you!

These dynamic, one-of-a-kind programs are done right at your school. Both classroom and assembly-style programs are offered to suit your needs. Programs are 45-minutes in length and may include artifacts for children to experience as part of the presentation. Fees vary based on group size and program location.

For all tours, field trips or programs, please contact Museum Manager and Educator Michelle Podkowa to arrange. Michelle can be reached at [email protected] or 630-510-4956.